Reddit Hall of Fame: Positive Trends In Today's Youth

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“Teachers of Reddit, what are some positive trends you have noticed in today’s youth?”
- u/kabirbhatia04

At Youth Empowerment, there’s nothing we love more than seeing the power youth have to break the stigma and lead a revolution of positive change. Here’s what people had to say in response to u/kabirbhatia04’s question:

My GF is a teacher and she is amazed at how uncool drinking and driving is. Kids are like “that’s stupid you will kill someone...” They literally make fun of kids who do it. In my day EVERYONE drove drunk.

Very positive change.
— u/HardGayMan on Reddit
Nerd/geek culture is more accepted.
— u/ZoiSarah on Reddit
They are generally independent and self-reflective. When I first started teaching I thought I had simply lucked out getting students who were consistently bright, engaged and curious, but having now taught at 3 different universities on 2 different continents, it seems to be a general trend across universities.

They are also, as noted elsewhere, generally kind and empathetic, and both my male and female students are usually pretty emotionally mature.
— u/Hobbesina on Reddit
I asked my wife (primary teacher) and she says empathy and adaptability are the two traits she has seen dramatically improve over her last 15 years. Kids seem to be better at putting themselves in another’s position and understanding their situation. Also they seem to be much more flexible with changes whether in the classroom or the outside world.
— u/swhertzberg on Reddit

Based on these answers, how do you feel this measures up to your own experience? What kind of positive trends have you noticed? Share your opinions on some positive trends your peers are cultivating in the comments below..!

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